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“Your writing sings, the plot is a page-turner, and you’re a master at character development.” – a 2011 Pikes Peak Writers’ Contest Judge*

I’m a writer, editor, and publisher. Before I started writing ORACLES OF DELPHI, I worked on a novel set in Palestine and focused on the Dead Sea Scrolls, a novel about a young poet and her husband who lived as prairie nomads in the late 19th century, and a novel about dysfunctional family in small town Illinois. I even wrote a children’s novella about a group of homeschooled kids who put on Shakespeare’s Scottish Play (a.k.a. Macbeth) only to have spooky things happen to them during the rehearsals.

Although THE ORACLES OF DELPHI is the fourth novel I’ve worked on, it’s the first one I’ve edited and edited and edited (and edited) until I feel it is ready to go out into the world. After four trips to Greece, many early readers, including a classics professor and archaeologist with field experience in Greece, countless editing sessions with numerous critique partners, and more glasses of wine and discussions about the oracles than my family and friends want to think about, I submitted to several agents, was recognized in the historical fiction category at the Pikes Peak Writers conference, and came close with one well known editor who asked me to rework it a bit and resubmit.

My original aim was to go the old fashioned route and get published “traditionally.” However, since I first started this process, I have also started two companies (Blank Slate Press & Treehouse Author Services) and have edited and published multiple award-winning novels and have edited numerous manuscripts both fiction and non-fiction for authors seeking representation and for those seeking to self-publish. I’ve also written and published theThe Sowing, the first book in The Seeds Trilogy, a sci-fi/YA trilogy, with two extremely talented writing partners who also happen to be my daughters. The second in the trilogy, The Reaping will be Fall 2014.

If you love mystery, intrigue, romance and Ancient Greece, I hope you’ll purify yourself in sacred spring water, pour libations of oil, eat a warm barley cake, and (figuratively) sacrifice a ram to Apollo, Dionysos, and Gaia–the gods and goddess of Delphi–as you settle in for an adventure with Althaia, Theron, Praxis, Nephthys, and, of course, Nikos.

And if you love ancient history, the Greek myths, Delphi, Athens or all things Greece, I’d love to hear from you. If you are into mysteries, romances, or political intrigue, are a writer, a reader, or a traveler with a great story to tell about your visit to Greece, I’d love to hear from you.

Please leave a message email me at kbmakansi @ blankslatepress.com.

*Oracles of Delphi won third place in the 2011 Pikes Peak Writers’ Contest historical fiction category.